MSRC API and MsrcSecurityUpdates module improvements

Great news, the PowerShell MsrcSecurityUpdates has been updated to version 1.9.0 (available on the PSGallery) and doesn’t have any API key requirement anymore 😎

Here’s the latest blog post from the MSRC about this API key requirement removal and more

While the API key removal is a very nice move, it’s also somehow the tip of the iceberg 🙂

I’d like to highlight the recent changes made in the code that appear in its GitHub repository.

Change desscription: Related commit:
Adding the info about who issues the CVE (CNA info) 5c8dd29a86fce3146986acdff4f234ca6bfed531
Adding known issues column and info b5876b0aaa22c9f40ea904320ee533a2aed612bd
Forcing any https call to use TLS 1.2 47557e9a2f34b7938d346a932ef37cb7c78895a1
Fixing some CSS issues about a timeout and changing some colors 555acbe8a437ab76dbc91fdb26254aa616091467
Adding more info in error messages (it was discussed here in issue 73) 598755821c8d4473ef54a13c41bd4cc523ebe19a
Restoring Summary (makes sense in Advisories for example) and sort revisions 2114e895900f2d9de0f1f6ea59279cb615e69a0d
Adding a tag in the html commented lines about the version of the MsrcSecurityUpdates module used to generate the html pages 87ba10278b0cbf03921c21e25b881c4de5128acf
Adding a switch to avoid displaying a progress bar 34b528dd954f907c6c7d29217270df72bd041b4d
Yes, we try to fix PSScriptAnalyzer issues reported fdb79f03733dccd4112111516bc92ec0910af26a

If you encounter issues about the module, they can be reported here

Because of the CSS timeout issue, I’ve downloaded all the bulletin data I store in this separate repository.