Quick post about: LCM failed to deserialize configuration status

    • Context

I’ve been running some DSC configuration after a feature update to fix missing or broken things left behind.
I’ve encountered some computers where a DSC config was forgotten and running for quite some time.

    • Problem

On these computers, I sometimes get an error saying LCM failed to deserialize configuration status when I run the Get-DscConfigurationStatus cmdlet.

Here are some potential reasons why it fails when I run the the Get-DscConfigurationStatus cmdlet.

The DSCStatusHistory.mof is about 10MB

And there are 50K files in the C:\Windows\system32\Configuration\ConfigurationStatus\ folder.

    • Solution

Here’s what I run to fix it. Kudo to Dave Wyatt who posted the solution on the powershell.org forum. Thanks Dave 🙂

ren C:\Windows\System32\Configuration\DSCStatusHistory.mof DSCStatusHistory.mof.prev
dir C:\Windows\System32\Configuration\ConfigurationStatus | del -Force

If you do not wait that the LCM applies at least once, I get another message:

But, when I do and the LCM runs at least once, I get it fixed 😀