Don’t use Get-Eventlog anymore

  • Problem

When you type the following

Get-EventLog -Source Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-General -Newest 20 -LogName System -InstanceId 1 | Select -ExpandProperty Message 

You get

Possible detection of CVE: 2023-01-09T09:08:23.5000000Z
Additional Information: 2023-01-08T19:56:29.1492612Z
This Event is generated when an attempt to exploit a known vulnerability (2023-01-09T09:08:23.5000000Z) is detected.
This Event is raised by a User mode process.

It raises some questions and you may feel insecure and that you’ve a security incident 😦

  • Solution

False alarm !

 Get-Help Get-EventLog -Online

The help of the cmdlet clearly states the following:

Get-EventLog uses a Win32 API that is deprecated. The results may not be accurate. 


To view the real events’ message associated to the Kernel provider, you can

(Get-WinEvent -ListProvider 'Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-General').Events | ? Id -eq 1

To get the correct message, you need to use the Get-WinEvent cmdlet 🙂

Get-WinEvent -ProviderName 'Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-General' -MaxEvents 20 | ? Id -eq 1

2 thoughts on “Don’t use Get-Eventlog anymore

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