About the DellBIOSProvider module and ConstrainedLanguage mode

  • Context

I’ve just started working with the DellBIOSProvider module available on the PowerShell Gallery and had to see how to integrate it smoothly in the environment so that it’s compatible with the Constrained language mode.

  • Issues

If I do:

Import-Module -name DellBIOSProvider -Force -Verbose

What could go wrong? πŸ™„
Well, it depends on what you do. If you go down to the Applocker rules path, it depends on the rules, their type, on what’s missing.
I’ve listed below a few common road blocks you may encounter:

  • psd1 or psm1 has a dedicated rule trusting/allowing it while the other doesn’t:
  • there is/are rule(s) to allow both .psd1 and psm1, but when it loads the dll (listed in the .psd1 manifest file), it fails because there’s a missing rule:

Import-Module : Could not load file or assembly ‘file:///C:\Program
Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\DellBIOSProvider\2.6.0\DellBIOSProvider.dll’ or one of its dependencies. Operation is
not supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515)

  • there is/are rule(s) to allow both .psd1 and psm1, but the .psm1 uses dot sourcing and tries to load single .ps1 file that don’t have an allow rule:
  • this is what happens when you’ve rule(s) allowing it to load and it’s a 100% success
  • Solution

It appears that there are 2 solutions.

The 1rst one and the longest is about declaring rules that will allow any file contained in the module. Let’s have a look at the content of the module with the following command:

Get-AppLockerFileInformation -Path 'C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\DellBIOSProvider\2.6.0\*' | ogv -PassThru

We can see above that the dll, ps1, psd1, psm1 and cat files are all signed πŸ™‚
Only the txt and pdf files are unsigned. These 2 files are not loaded so we don’t care.

At this step, we can choose either to add either:
– a single Applocker rule for the Path
– a single Applocker rule containing all the files’ hashes
– a single Applocker rule trusting the Publisher
– a mix of files’ hashes and publisher based rules

I’ve chosen the latest option because it’s the most precise. I’ve listed the rules in this XML policy file.

The Applocker GUI will allow you to create rules for dll, .psd1 and psm1 files if you copy them with a .ps1 file extension 😎

Let’s see the 2nd solution and the shortest one:

Dell provided a signed catalog file. It contains all the files’ hashes. To trust it, I only have to copy it to its system location. There are various ways of doing this listed on this page.

copy 'C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\DellBIOSProvider\2.6.0\DellBIOSProvider.cat' "c:\Windows\system32\CatRoot\{F750E6C3-38EE-11D1-85E5-00C04FC295EE}"
Restart-Service CryptSvc -Force -Verbose

That’s all. It’s magic. You don’t need Applocker rules πŸ˜€


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