Quick tip: uninstall a driver

  • Context

Before upgrading to the next Windows 10 branch, we thought it would be handy to have a script to update the drivers set installed on the computer if required.

  • Issue

We packaged many drivers set but we encountered an issue while upgrading the Intel Chipset drivers.
The newest drivers wouldn’t install on top the previous version. I think it’s due the the fact that the date in the inf file is in 1968.

  • Solution

To fix it, we first installed the new Intel chipset drivers. They have been made available into the local drivers store.

To force Windows to use them, I had to uninstall these drivers like this. Yes, there’s no cmdlet to remove a driver from an online image.

Get-WindowsDriver -Online | 
Where {$_.Version -eq ''} | Foreach-Object {
 pnputil.exe /delete-driver $_.Driver  /force 

Disclaimer: Be careful, you cannot always do that. Some drivers are more (boot) critical to Windows than others.
If you force the uninstall of a driver that was critical, Windows may not boot anymore.


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