Local security policy using Pester

In my previous post, I’ve shown how to use DSC to configure the local security policy. If you only want to get the compliance status of the system, Pester might be more suitable.

I first create a hastable of settings like this:

# secedit.exe /export /Cfg C:\secpol.txt /areas SECURITYPOLICY
(Get-Content -Path 'C:\secpol.txt' -ReadCount 1) `
-match '^([A-Z\s0-9_\\]+)=(.*)$' -replace '=',',' |
ConvertFrom-Csv -Header Key,Value1,Value2 | ForEach-Object {
    '    @{'
    "        Key = '{0}'" -f $_.Key
    "        Value1 = '{0}'" -f $_.Value1
    if ($_.Value2) {
    "        Value2 = '{0}'" -f $_.Value2
    '    },'

and I populate the file secpol.ps1 using the output of the above command.
The content looks like this. The hashtable is stored inside an array named $SecurityPolicy.

Now in the test file secpol.tests.ps1, I’ve:

$here = Split-Path -Parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path
$sut = (Split-Path -Leaf $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path) -replace '\.Tests\.', '.'
. "$here\$sut"
#region Security policy
Describe 'Security Policy' {
BeforeAll {
& (gcm secedit.exe) @('/export','/Cfg','C:\Windows\temp\secpol.SECURITYPOLICY.txt','/areas','SECURITYPOLICY')
$CurrentSecPolicy = (Get-Content -Path 'C:\Windows\temp\secpol.SECURITYPOLICY.txt' -ReadCount 1) `
-match '^([A-Z\s0-9_\\]+)=(.*)$' -replace '=',',' |
ConvertFrom-Csv -Header Key,Value1,Value2
$SecurityPolicy | ForEach-Object -Process {
$k = $v1 = $v2 = $null
$k = $_.Key
$v1= $_.Value1
$v2 = $_.Value2
if ($v2) {
It "should have its $k policy type set to $v1" {
($CurrentSecPolicy | Where { $_.Key -eq $k }).'Value1' -eq $v1 | Should be $true
It "should have its $k policy value set to $v2" {
($CurrentSecPolicy | Where { $_.Key -eq $k }).'Value2' -eq $v2 | Should be $true
} else {
It "should have its $k policy set to $v1" {
($CurrentSecPolicy | Where { $_.Key -eq $k }).'Value1' -eq $v1 | Should be $true

Let’s see how to use it

Invoke-Pester ~/documents/pester/secpol


Fine, my system is compliant.
But, let’s I change the Maximum password age using gpedit.msc

Now, Pester reports my system as not being compliant:
But, the only drawback with my quick’n dirty code is that it doesn’t tell you what value was found instead of the expected 42 in this case.

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