PowerShell is all about the Community

PowerShell just reached a huge milestone since Jeffrey Snover wrote the Monad Manifesto more than 10 years ago.

PowerShell is now Open-source Software (OSS) under the MIT license and available on GitHub.

  • Why so excited about this?

We’ve been waiting for it for a long time. It was made possible since Microsoft also Open sourced .Net Core and refactored PowerShell to run on top of .Net Core (aka PowerShell Core and running in Nano server).

This means that it’s more and more mature and just started to become a cross-platform community-driven configuration and automation framework able to manage both API oriented operating system (Windows) and document oriented operating systems (Linux) from anywhere. It clearly aims at providing a consistent and sustainable experience for IT pros and developers for everybody.

  • What else does that mean?

Well, if it’s open sourced, it’s about the community. Microsoft embraced the heterogeneity of both the community and the ecosystem and allows its partners and any customer anybody to be successful.
You, actually anybody running on any operating system (Linux, Microsoft and MacOS) can use these ALPHA versions of PowerShell, submit issues and participate in its development.

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