Backup/Restore a local Windows Internal Database

I’ve got Direct Access servers where I want to backup the local Windows Internet Database.

The built-in VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Services) has 3 components:

Let’s see if there’s a writer for the Windows Internal Database component (WID)

vssadmin list writers | 
Select-String -Pattern "Writer\sname:\s" -Context 0,3 |
ForEach-Object {
        Id = (($_.Context.PostContext -split "\r\n")[0] -split ':')[1].Trim()
        Name = ($_.Line -split ':\s',2)[1] -replace "'",''
} | Select Name,Id | ft -AutoSize

Fortunately, there’s a WIDWriter in the above list 😀

It also means that the built-in tools are able perform a live backup. But, I first need to add the Windows Backup feature:

Add-WindowsFeature Windows-Server-Backup  -Restart:$false

Now, I’m ready to backup and restore the internal database files.
The backup operation will create a WindowsImageBackup directory on the target partition (P: in my case).
The recovery operation will extract files from the VHD previously created. It will not restore files in their original location under C:\Windows\…
but will rather move them to another folder (P:\BackupDB) and preserve the original folders tree.

Quick ‘n dirty solution but it allowed me to extract the database files in a consistent way using only the built-in tools and the capabilities of the Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS).

2 thoughts on “Backup/Restore a local Windows Internal Database

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