Quick tip: subnet and ConfigMgr boundary for Direct Access clients

I’ve seen this morning the following blog post about boundaries in Configuration Manager for Direct Access clients.

I’d like to add more info on this topic because I’ve done the same in my environment a few days ago.

Gerry Hampson shows that he gets the ipv6 prefix directly in the properties of a Configuration Managment client in the ConfigMgr Admin console.
He made here an assumption. Having IPv6 addresses reported in Configuration Manager assumes that you have an IPv6 based DNS server where AAAA records are created for your Direct Access clients.
When you don’t have an IPv6 DNS server, you don’t have this info in the ConfigMgr client properties:

Where do I get the client ipv6 prefix ?

You can get it on your Direct Access server(s) with the following cmdlet

Get-RemoteAccess | select  ClientIPv6Prefix

Easy, isn’t it? šŸ˜Ž

Don’t forget! It may seem pretty obvious but…
Before adding the IPv6 prefix as a ConfigMgr boundary, add it first to your Active Directory Sites and Services subnets.
This way your Direct Access clients will immediately know with what Global Catalog and Domain controllers they should talk to.

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