Quick post: Remove an alternate data stream (ADS)

  • Context

I’ve been downloading updates (.msu) files from the Windows Update catalog
As an example, for KB5001330 I go to https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=5001330 and click Download

dir ~/downloads/other/*.msu |
gi -Stream * |
Select Stream,Length

  • Problem

I can remove the Zone.Identifier alternate data stream (ADS) using the built-in Unblock-File cmdlet.

dir ~/downloads/other/*.msu |
Unblock-File -Verbose

dir ~/downloads/other/*.msu |
gi -Stream *|
Select Stream,Length

But, I doesn’t remove the SmartScreen ADS.

  • Solution

Here’s how to remove the SmartScreen alternate data stream (ADS):

dir ~/downloads/other/*.msu |
gi -Stream 'SmartScreen' -EA 0|
Foreach-Object {
Remove-Item -Path $_.FileName -Stream 'SmartScreen'

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