PowerShell Conference Book #PSConfBook

Have you ever been tasked to remove admin privileges to your users or asked to implement a least privilege approach?

Removing User Admin Rights Mitigates 94% of All Critical Microsoft Vulnerabilities.
I wouldn’t be as assertive as this headline about the percentage. I prefer to say instead that removing admin rights reduces the attack surface and that the likelyhood your computers would be far more resistant when there’s a 0day is much higher.

Removing admin rights is for sure a recommended best practice:

Restrict users’ permissions to install and run software applications, and apply the principle of “least privilege” to all systems and services. Restricting these privileges may prevent malware from running or limit its capability to spread through a network.


source: The above slide is from Ivanti

Have you ever seen anything else than just recommendations and guidelines about how to implement a least privilege strategy?
Have you been able to locate any detailed starting guide about this topic?

I propose a basic detailed least privilege implementation example in a chapter of the PowerShell Conference Book

Are you looking for more good reasons to buy this book?

I’d like to personally thank Mike F Robbins, Michael T. Lombardi and Jeff Hicks.

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