Register a remote endpoint with DSC

  • Context:

I’ve been using Desired State Configuration (DSC) recently on a Windows 10 computer to create a custom remote endpoint configuration.

  • Issues:

Using the Register-PSSessionConfiguration with a -Force switch parameter breaks the push.
The error message says:
The WS-Management service cannot process the operation. The operation is being attempted on a client session that is unusable. This may be related to a recent restart of the WS-Management service. Please create a new client session and retry the operation if re-executing the operation does not have undesired behavior.
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (root/Microsoft/…gurationManager:String) [], CimException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : HRESULT 0x803381fa
+ PSComputerName : localhost

If you specify a -Verbose switch parameter when you push the configuration with Start-DscConfiguration cmdlet, the verbose stream of the Register-PSSessionConfiguration cmdlet is still streamed although it’s explicitly turned off.

  • Solution:

The solution consisted in:

  1. turning off the verbose stream from the Register-PSSessionConfiguration cmdlet by enclosing this cmdlet in scriptblock executed by the Start-Job cmdlet.
  2. removing the -Force switch parameter that restarts and breaks the push
  3. using a -NoRestartService switch parameter with the Register-PSSessionConfiguration cmdlet

1 thought on “Register a remote endpoint with DSC

  1. You may want to add the following is the setscript

    $global:DSCMachineStatus = 1

    That way the server will restart and the setting will take, without breaking the LCM.

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