MSRC security guidance: about release notes

I’ve recently talked about a shortcoming of release notes published on the Security Update Guide > Dashboard in the following blog post

As you can see, there’s only the latest release note available. You cannot see previous ones.
If you want to read any release note ever published, you can.
I’ve kept a list of these on this page.

The same shortcoming also exists if you want to retrieve data using some automation.
Whatever date values you submit in a post request, you always get only the latest release note 😦

I’ve started a new project about the MSRC Microsoft Security Updates API in this github repository. I’ve documented why I started this project.
The last point is about to showcase some functions to get data from the portal without using an API key.

Here’s the first example with release notes:
I’ve published so far two functions: Get-MsrcReleaseNoteId and Get-MsrcReleaseNotePage

The first function Get-MsrcReleaseNoteId uses a post request to retrieve the latest release note available and doesn’t have any parameter.


It shows the release note Id (a GUID) that can be passed to the second function Get-MsrcReleaseNotePage by property name in order to retrieve the release note content as a json object.

Get-MSRCReleaseNoteId | Get-MSRCReleaseNotePage | fl

Notice that the note property is somehow html formatted and would need to be sanitized.

These are not the only functions I’ll showcase, stay tuned 🙂

You know what would be great about release notes:

  • It would be nice to be able to retrieve any release note using some datetime parameters (to addresss the above shortcoming).
  • It would be nice to retrieve any release note in either XML or JSON like the original MSRC Microsoft Security Updates API allows.
  • Instead of having a pseudo-html formatted string, I also would like to be able to get the Notes content as an object that has a title, a description, a list of affected software and the list of known issues.

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