Follow-up on Microsoft Advisory ADV170012

If you are lucky and have System Center Configuration Manager, aka ConfigMgr, in you environment, you can get the inventory of the TPM embedded in you workstations or laptops.

You need to enable the Win32_TPM WMI class in the Hardware Inventory settings of your clients.

If you’ve only laptops, you can filter the query with the chassis types.
Then the problem is that the Manufacturer Id is returned as int32 and it doesn’t tell you what’s the manufacturer name and when the TPM manufacturer actually is Infineon whether its vulnerable or not.

Luckily, there’s a way to get the Manufacturer name from the int32 that is described on the the Win32_TPM WMI class on msdn.

Using the example provided, we can do

('{0:X0}' -f 1414548736) -split "(?<=\G.{2})",4 | 
ForEach-Object { 

If I combine the ConfigMgr query, test if the TPM is vulnerable and get its manufacturer name from its id, I’ve the following code:

And if you use the 2nd example provided in the help, you can quickly have relevant results (IFX is Infineon)

If you cannot get results and have a WMI quota violation instead, see this post

Happy TPM madness scoping using #ConfigMgr and #PowerShell 😎


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