April 2017 Stop-Computer issue

If you’ve updated your Windows computer and use the Stop-Computer cmdlet, you may have noticed that it doesn’t work anymore as it used to.

Instead you get an error saying:
Stop-Computer : Privilege not held.

This was quickly reported to this reddit thread and a PowerShell team member, Steve Lee, quickly answered that the culprit is actually a .Net update introduced in April.

As you can see, he also immediately provided a workaround. You have to use the -AsJob switch that will create a WMIJob

I must add that WMI is also impacted by this regression.
Using the brave old Win32Shutdown WMI method has the problem as the Stop-Computer cmdlet.

Microsoft acknowledged the problem and provided another workaround on this page

I must also add that the problem isn’t only present only on Windows 10, any Windows that had this .Net update is currently affected.

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