Fix DFSR 4012 event and MaxOfflineTimeInDays

What a nice way to start 2017, I’ve got group policies not applying to computers because the DFS replication of the Sysvol is stopped and the delay of 60 days to resume the replication is over.


Happy new year 🙂

NB1: don’t do what is recommended in the above message and when it says “To resume replication of this folder, use the DFS Management snap-in to remove this server from the replication group, and then add it back to the group.”.
This does not apply to a SYSVOL share on a domain controller, right?

NB2: If you wait for error 4012 and ignore warnings, it’s too late. Why did the domain admin wait for more than 60 days to resume replication? Nobody is reading the alerts and saw the warnings (events Id 2213) and/or worse the remediation script is also broken and there isn’t an alert for that 😦

NB3: notice that the above message tells me how long it is disconneted.
This server has been disconnected from other partners for ? days: 71 in my case.

I did the following to get back the replication of the SYSVOL working:

$i = gwmi -namespace root\microsoftdfs -query 'Select * FROM DfsrMachineConfig'
# increase the MaxOfflineTimeInDays to more than just a day
# 71+4=75
$i.MaxOfflineTimeInDays =[uint32]75
Restart-Service -Name DFSR -Verbose

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