Quick tip about PPKG files

I’ve been playing with the Windows 10 Deployment and Management Lab Kit Microsoft provided and applying provisioning packages (PPKG) files in chapter 6.

I’ve found the following documentation about applying provisioning packages on MSDN where I’ve learned that you can work with PPKG in an Offline image using DISM and that there’s an UI that looks like this:


Unfortunately, you cannot list installed provisioning packages from an online image 😦
PowerShell to the rescue! Please, fix this shortcoming!

dir C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Provisioning\ -Recurse -Include  customizations.xml | 
ForEach-Object {
 $x = [xml](Get-Content $_.FullName) ;
 if ($x.WindowsCustomizations.PackageConfig.OwnerType -ne 'Microsoft') {
} | Select ID,Name,Version,OwnerType,Rank | Format-Table -AutoSize


Nice, I was able to grab the Package ID, its version, its name but not the ‘Author’ if you compare the output of my PowerShell command and the ‘Details’ UI below
(I’ve absolutely no clue where it’s stored. If you know, please share this information with us 🙂 )


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