Max memory for remote shell

The other day I was investigating a “locked” workflow .

The network tab of procexp.exe revealed what remote computer was locking it.
It was actually a Windows 7 computer that had the following 2 events in its log.



To “unlock” the workflow, I just stopped the WinRM service on the remote computer, waited for the workflow to end correctly and finally restart the WinRM service on that remote machine.

c:\windows\system32\sc.exe \\RemoteComputerName stop WinRM

What happened on this remote computer that caused the workflow to stop and wait for it?

It appeared that the code running on the remote computer was the culprit.
The code was supposed to get the total count of a specific event. What makes this computer so special was that it had 45469 of these events and the remote shell on this Windows 7 computer just hit the default maximum memory assigned.

After fixing winrm.cmd to work in my environment, I was able to do:

C:\winrm.cmd get winrm/config/winrs -machine:RemoteComputerName -format:#text
c:\winrm.cmd set winrm/config/winrs @{MaxMemoryPerShellMB="512"} -machine:RemoteComputerName

I’ve increased the default Maximum Memory for a remote shell from 150MB to 512MB


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