BPUG / August 28, 2015 / meeting summary and presentation materials

I went to the Basel PowerShell User Group that my fellow PowerShell MVP, Stéphane Van Gulick (@Stephanevg) organised.

I gave a presentation about Nano Server 😀

The presentation was a quick introduction directly inspired by this 20 minutes talk from Jeffrey Snover with Jeremy Chapman at Ignite early May 2015:



I gave also a quick demo about installing a Nano Server into a virtual machine through WDS (Windows Deployment Services). It’s directly inspired from the following article published in PowerShell Magazine, except that the code was “adapted” to work with the recently published Windows Server 2016 TP3.

Amanda Debler (@texmandie) who gave a preview of her presentation about Skype for Business for the 2nd Powershell.org Summit in Europe, took a nice picture during my demo 😀


And when you provide the correct credentials and authenticate on the Nano box, you’ll see

Bonus: here are 4 essentials links about NanoServer you should bookmark:

And… here is the code on github:

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