Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) 10 RTM available


I’ve updated the script on github that downloads ADK files for Windows 10

I’ve also added a new file that contains the checksums of files.
If you’ve downloaded the files into C:\ADK\v10, you can use the following code to check the integrity of these files:

$uri = ''
Invoke-WebRequest -URI $uri -OutFile ~/documents\SHA256SUMS.csv
Import-Csv  ~/documents\SHA256SUMS.csv -Delimiter ";" | Foreach-Object {
 if ( (Get-FileHash -Path (Join-Path -Path C:\ADK\v10 -ChildPath $($_.File))).Hash -eq $_.Hash) {
  Write-Verbose -Message "OK: $($_.File)" -Verbose
 } else {
  Write-Warning -Message "NOK: $($_.File)"

NB: the installation log of the ADK says it’s verifying packages before installing themADK.setup.log.verified.packages

Enjoy 😀


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