Scripting Games 2015 event 2

The Scripting Games are back :-D, excellent!

The puzzle of August is live at

First, you should copy/paste the URL proposed in the puzzle – – into a browser to see what it looks like.

We can see a pretty straight-forward reply formatted in JSON. Nice! This allows PowerShell versions as of 3.0 to use the built-in Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet to get the content of this webpage and the built-in *-Json cmdlets to convert the JSON content into a PowerShell object.
This also allows to solve the puzzle with a simple one-liner:

(iwr "").Content|
ConvertFrom-Json|ft *tude,con*,t*

With all commands and parameter names spelled out:

(Invoke-WebRequest -URI "").Content|
ConvertFrom-Json|Format-Table -Property *tude,con*,t*

That’s fairly easy if you have a recent version of PowerShell, isn’t it. Now, let’s think 2 minutes what you’d have done if you only had PowerShell version 2.0.

Fun? Ugly? Having a recent PowerShell version saves you a lot of time.

If you go to , you can read how to interact with the endpoint and that it offers a REST API, which means you can go down another route and use the built-in Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet.


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