Get the latest WMF5

Michael Greene tweeted the following a few days ago

I love his idea and his code shows a few awesome tricks I ignored:

I propose the following improvements:

  • Insert a require statement to tell people that the code is only v3 compatible. There’s no Invoke-Webrequest in PowerShell 2.0.
  • Download the required version based on the OS where you run the code. If you’ve PowerShell 3.0 on Windows 7 64bit, you’ll get the Windows6.1-KB2908075-x64.msu file, etc.

Let’s have a look at my proposal

On Windows 10, you don’t need this piece of code, so you’ll just get a warning:

On Windows 7 as of PowerShell 3.0, you get the following experience:

On Windows 2012 R2, you’ll experience the following:

Last warning: WMF 5.0 requires .Net Framework 4.5, make sure this requirement is met before installing the WMF 5.0.


5 thoughts on “Get the latest WMF5

  1. Nifty Stuff !
    Just an off-topic question, how do you preserve the indentation in posting your code blocks ? i use the

     code here 

    which formats the code, but strips my identation 😦
    Thanks !

    • When I paste code in wordprese, I use ‘sourcecode language=”powershell”‘ in square brackets.
      In this post, the code is hosted on github and I just ‘gist the-url-of-the-code-on-github /’ in square brackets.

  2. It looks like this is broken now :-/
    On a Win2k12 server, the scripts just halts and doesn’t seem to do anything, and when stepping through the scripts, it doesn’t seem to pick up the url for the latest WMF…

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