Deploy and configure EMET 5.2 with PSDSC

I’ve been using EMET (The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) and advocating for it since 2010…

Now with DSC (Desired State Configuration) and PowerShell, it can be fairly easy to deploy and configure it compared to my previous post about Applocker.

I’ve created two scripts, one to install EMET and one to remove it (because of continuous delivery of every product, right?) that can be run as of Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2. Yes, DSC is built-in PowerShell version 4.0 that was released along with Windows 8.1 in August 2013.

The configuration of EMET 5.2 is based on XML files although EMET 5.2 can also get its configuration by GPO in a domain environment.
The XML configuration that you’ll find below is an export made with the EMET_Conf.exe after an import from the “Recommended Software.xml” profile provided under “C:\Program Files (x86)\EMET 5.2\Deployment\Protection Profiles\”.
Although I probably could, I chose to not handle Certificate Pinning rules because a new GUID for each rule is generated by the XML export made with EMET_conf.exe. If I did, it would have complicated the comparison made by the Test-TargetResource and probably slow it down.
I know that the built-in package DSC resource can download the file from the web if I specify a URL as a package source but I preferred to rely on my own custom script to download the file as it performs some additional steps such as checking the integrity of the file (is it the hash we expect) and whether the file is digitally signed (and recognized as such for the time being).

The initial download takes around 9 seconds.
Let’s see what output we get when I first push the configuration:

If I push the configuration as 2nd time, all TEST steps for each resource return false because they are in their expected state and all the SET operations are skipped:

Here’s what happens when I remove EMET 5.2 for the first time if it’s present:
If I run the removal a 2nd time, I get:


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