Retrospective. What an awesome month!

I’m a PowerShell MVP since the 1st of July. I’m deeply honored to receive this award and join this awesome community. I’d like to say thank you to those who nominated me, enjoy my work, read my blog and support me.

I attended the SANS FOR508 training on Advanced Computer Forensic Analysis and Incident Response in Paris in March 2014 and successfully passed the GCFA on the 16th of July.
I’m also now a Certified Forensics Analyst
I’d like to thank to my employer who paid the training and voucher.

I also wrote two articles for PowerShell Magazine this month:

Again, I’d like to thank you. My blog wouldn’t have crossed 160K visits since its creation and 10K views this month without you

May the Power of the Shell be with you 😉

I’m currently into the following pipeline

Stop-Work | Start-Vacation | Enjoy-Holidays | Enjoy-FamilyTime

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