One-liner to determine daylight saving time

Powershell MVP Mike F Robbins, the winner of the Scripting Games 2013 posted the following function to determine daylight saving time.

As he said, this is only valid in the US. I wondered what it would look like in my time zone.

I knew there’s an official page that uses a registry based approach on this page kb914387
I also knew that there are .Net classes that can be used, see for example this post

I didn’t know how to read the TZI (time zone information) from the registry until I landed on the following MSDN page

Reading the registry seems complicated and there’s actually a buried .Net method for this purpose.

2007..2019 | % { [System.TimeZone]::CurrentTimeZone.GetDaylightChanges($_) }

In my timezone, it look likes 😀


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