Powershell Update-Help RSS news feed

Late June, Powershell MVP Don Jones informed the community that there was a problem with the display of the help after you updated it.

The Powershell Team responsible for updating help files both fixed the problem and also created a RSS feed to let us know what changed 🙂

Nice. Isn’t it?

#Requires -Version 3
function Get-UpdateHelpNewsFeed {
    try {
        Invoke-RestMethod "http://sxp.microsoft.com/feeds/msdntn/PowerShellHelpVersions" -ErrorAction Stop | 
        Select Title,@{
                $_.Description -replace "\<br\s?/?\>","`n" -replace "\</?[I|i|b]\s?\>"," "
    } catch {
        Write-Warning -Message "Failed to read RSS feed because $($_.Exception.Message)"

As my favorite RSS reader is dead, I’ve created the above helper function.
Now you can do:

Get-UpdateHelpNewsFeed |             
Select -First 1 -Property Date,Desc |             
ft -Wrap -AutoSize

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