WMI error 0x8004106C: Quota violation(while running queries)

I’ve encountered this error on my old System Center Configuration Manager 2007 while I was running intensive WMI queries.

The error message on quota violation is raised because the WMI provider of the operating system (Windows 2003) had its amount of private memory that can be held by each host set to a 128MB limit.

To fix this, I set to 512MB which is now the default on Windows 2008/2008R2/2012.

I think that at that time I followed the guidance that you can find in the following knowledge base article: KB2404366

To view the settings of the WMI provider, you can query the __ProviderHostQuotaConfiguration WMI class:

$WMIHT = @{            
 NameSpace=  'root'            
 Class = '__ProviderHostQuotaConfiguration'            
Get-WmiObject -Computer SCCM2007 @WMIHT

Source: http://blogs.technet.com/b/askperf/archive/2008/09/16/memory-and-handle-quotas-in-the-wmi-provider-service.aspx

I’d recommend to stick to the piece of advice “do not modify these quotas for the sake of modifying them!” in the above link. In case you do, you can this way:

$WMIProviderConfig = Get-WmiObject @WMIHT            
$WMIProviderConfig.MemoryPerHost = 1024MB            
try {            
  $WMIProviderConfig.Put() | Out-Null            
  Write-Verbose -Message "Successfully changed the WMI provider settings" -Verbose            
} catch {            
  Write-Warning "Failed to modify the WMI provider because $($_.Exception.Message)"            

Note that a reboot is required.


4 thoughts on “WMI error 0x8004106C: Quota violation(while running queries)

    • Hi,
      Yes, you need to make sure that WMI is “healthy” on the remote computer and that there’s enough memory available to allow Windows to allocate the MemoryPerHost defined on that remote computer.
      To make sure that WMI is healthy, logon locally on your target computer and run the WMI query locally to see what happens and how much memory it consumes. Then you can adjust the MemoryPerHost size that suits your needs.

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