Disable/Enable task triggers

On either Powershell V2 or V3 on a Windows 7 workstation, I’ve already presented what can be done with scheduled tasks using Com objects in the following previous posts:

Now, let’s take a specific example: the case of the Disk Defragmentation schedule

  • Display the current status of the task
  • $TaskService = New-Object -com schedule.service            
      GetTasks(1) |             
      Select Name,Path,Enabled |             
      ft -AutoSize
  • Disable the task
  • If I disable the task like this:

    # Disable the task            
     GetTask('ScheduledDefrag').Enabled = $false            

    We get the following message from the UI, whenever I use the Tools tab in the properties of a volume.
    Defrag Task Disabled

  • Disable the Defrag task using the UI
  • If I untick the ‘Run on a schedule’ property in the schedule configuration options, we have the following:
    Defrag Task Trigger Turned Off
    The task isn’t actually disabled but only its schedule has been turned off
    Defrag task trigger turned off in mmc

  • Disable the Defrag task triggers
  • Just disabling the triggers can actually be achieved using the task registration method with a specific flag.
    task registration flags
    Source: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa382538%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

    $TaskService = New-Object -com schedule.service            
    $taskDef = $TaskService.            
    # Define a constant             
    # $TASK_CREATE_OR_UPDATE_FLAG = 0x6            
    $TASK_UPDATE_FLAG = 0x4            

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