Configure NIC teaming for Hyper-V 3.0 on Windows server 2012

First, let’s see some useful links:

In my scenario, the network admin has first configured his switch ports and enabled 802.1ax on two of them.
Then, on the 2012 server with Hyper-V role enabled, I need first to identify the network interfaces that should be members of the NIC teaming.

With the new 2 network wires disconnected the network admin has brought, I build first the Team interface by selecting randomly 2 network adapters.

New-NetLbfoTeam -Name "Production" -TeamMembers "Ethernet","Ethernet 2" -TeamNicName "TeamIntProd" -TeamingMode LACP -LoadBalancingAlgorithm TransportPorts

Then I plug 1 by 1 one network wires, so that I can identify which adapter comes ‘Up’.

As I randomly selected network adapters members of the NIC teaming interface, I didn’t get the correct physical interfaces in the first place.
So, I unplug network wires, remove the team interface with the following command

Get-NetLbfoTeam | Remove-NetLbfoTeam

And rebuild the Team interface with the correct network adapters:

New-NetLbfoTeam -Name "Production" -TeamMembers "Ethernet 2","Ethernet 3" -TeamNicName "TeamIntProd" -TeamingMode LACP -LoadBalancingAlgorithm TransportPorts

Finally, I replug cables and got the following result:
NIC teaming

The next steps consist in:

  • Make sure the new Team interface hasn’t any IP address configured (it can but it’s not required)
  • Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceAlias TeamIntProd -Dhcp Disabled
  • Disabling the remaining disconnected network adapter
  • Disable-NetAdapter -Name "Ethernet"
  • Add a Hyper-V switch that sits on top of the NIC teaming interface
  • New-VMSwitch -Name "Prod" -NetAdapterName TeamIntProd

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