powershell memory requirements in WinPE 4.0

I haven’t seen any information from Microsoft about the amount of memory required to run powershell V3 inside the new WinPE 4.0

The only prerequisites are available on this page and state that:

You must install WinPE-NetFX4, WinPE-Scripting, and WinPE-WMI before you can use WinPE-PowerShell3.

WinPE-PowerShell3 has the following known limitations:

Windows PowerShell remoting is not supported. Any cmdlets that have remoting functionality will return an error.

The Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) is not supported.

Windows PowerShell 2.0 is not supported.

Here are the results of my personal testing and what you can come across:

  • With 512MB

As you can see, Powershell just won’t launch:powershell won't launch

  • With 556MB

It launches but totally fails with an ugly error message: ‘Thread is running or terminated;it cannot restart’. If you only have one command prompt opened, you need to reset the VM, exit, quit, CTRL+C don’t work…
powershell fails with 556MB

  • With 580MB

You can do a $PSVersionTable
Get-Module doesn’t return anything
But Get-module -list doesn’t work and puts the command prompt in a unsuable state (but not unresponsive)

  • Over 582MB

$PSVersionTable works
Get-Module shows modules
Get-module -list shows the list of available modules


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